SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide Announces the Launch of STS - Sustainable Tattoo Solutions

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Green Lane, Pennsylvania – August 5, 2015SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide, an award-winning sustainable facility waste management provider serving the restaurant, retail, medical, hospitality, and housing industry, as well as equity groups, announced today the launch of its new department STS – Sustainable Tattoo Solutions at

STS provides medical waste supplies and services, including infectious waste removal and disposal, ink removal and disposal, and spore testing, for clients in all 50 United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Its services, however don’t end there.  STS prides itself in being a one-stop shop for the tattoo parlor owner or anyone operating a business that involves the disposal of infectious waste and those who require spore testing.

STS also manages trash, recycling, fluorescent bulb disposal, e-waste, lawn care, plumbing and HVAC filter replacement and services.

Sustainable Tattoo Solutions is committed to helping the tattoo industry become compliant in all areas of waste removal, including infectious waste.  While we offer many additional services, including high quality medical supplies and spore testing, our ultimate goal is to promote sustainability.  To us, it’s all about environmental responsibility.  To do that, we provide waste disposal education and sustainable services while offering respect, accountability, and of course money savings,” said Heather Kingsley, of Sustainable Tattoo Solutions.

The STS medical supply shop offers its clients everything from surgical skin marker Medi-Pak tips and pens, solidifiers and waste disposal containers, to cotton swab sticks and healing ointments.

“I’ve been in this business for a very long time,” Kingsley said. “I’ve seen too many tattoo shops practice illegal waste removal, whether it’s their sharps containers not being removed in a timely fashion or disposed of improperly.  I’ve also seen shops who refused to do spore testing on their sterilizers where they claimed they only use disposables.  While I’m sure many shops feel they are compliant, they might be surprised to find out just how out of date their practices are.  That’s why STS is here.  We believe in compliance and being as earth friendly as possible.  I’m in this for our successors.”

Medical supplies are just one facet of STS – it offers property maintenance for the ease of its clientele as well.

When it comes to air filter needs, STS is there, with the best advice, purchasing, and installation of filters that best fit your business.  STS will handle replacement filters monthly, bi-monthly or every quarter, as you see fit.

STS promotes “green” initiatives for its waste disposal services with no hassles: It provides preferred national pricing for all container services, daily tracking by location and seasonal modifications based on unique customer needs.

The outside of a business has to look just as great as the inside, and STS offers lawn care and landscaping services, with savings up to 22 percent, with no hidden costs.  Edging, weeding, fertilizer, aerating, pruning, pest and plant disease control, mulching, trimming – STS takes care of it all year-round even in winter.

Once summer and spring arrive, STS pulls out the hoses and all the stops with its power washing service.  From awning to asphalt, from parking lot sweeping to graffiti removal, STS is the one-stop shop.

With easy shopping on its website, STS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

STS-Sustainable Tattoo Solutions is located at 5000 Commerce Drive, Green Lane, PA, 18054.  It’s phone number is 888-847-4449, ext. 7412.  Find STS – Sustainable Tattoo Solutions on Facebook at and @inksafely on Twitter.

About SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide:

SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is a sustainable facility waste management provider serving corporate facilities, equity groups, procurement, the retail industry, and operations departments seeking compliance and facility waste conversion into viable resources yielding increased profits.  Unlike other parallel companies, SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is responsive and customer-centric; offering value-added expertise through a simplified approach applying our innovative analytics tool – producing unequaled customer ROI. SLM is an award-winning waste management company with a problem-solving, sustainable approach to managing industrial waste.  Additional information is available at

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