Aureus Medical shares travel nurse tips: How to move into a care coordination job

Omaha, NE (June 2, 2016) - Care coordination is becoming a vital component of the medical industry, and its integration impacts those in travel nursing and nurse practitioner jobs. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this term refers to using collaborating efforts in tasks related to patient care, like information sharing, to deliver higher quality, safer and more effective care. This strategy also takes into account the patient's needs and preferences. As an registered nurse or nurse practitioner, you have many opportunities to move into care coordination jobs.

Care coordination job roles
As a travel nurse, you already play a key role in care coordination. After all, it's your job to relay vital health information to physicians and cater treatment strategies to the patient's culture and needs. However, you can fill job roles that are designed specifically to enhance care coordination in a medical facility. According to, these titles include nurse case manager, nurse navigator and health coach, though they are far from the only positions available for this purpose.

While the job environment varies widely for care coordination jobs, the duties remain relatively consistent. As New Health Advisor explained, the main responsibility in these roles is to ensure the medical facility provides high quality care to patients. How the locale achieves this goal is partly up to the care coordinate. For instance, someone in this position may create patient care programs, educate patients on their health, set quality standard benchmarks for the medical facility and maintain a patient database.

Characteristics of a care coordinator
Nurses understand that different duties require specific skill sets. For example, checking vital signs may call on technical knowledge whereas counseling patients requires compassion and empathy. Similarly, care coordinators must have unique characteristics.

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