Immigration Bill Will Leave You Paying the Price

By: Charles Benninghoff

Illegal immigrant “children” are pouring across America’s border and now a bill using hard working United States citizen’s tax money for lawyers was just introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The "Vulnerable Immigrant Voice Act" (H.R. 4936) is the next step in the drive to completely throw open our nation's southern border, and to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Right now, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants – a combination of young children and adults posing as children – are streaming across our southern border.

They all believe that Congress is about to pass amnesty, so they are flooding into Texas and into Arizona.

Barack Obama is using military bases to house this huge swarm of humanity. He wants them to stay here, and he wants their parents, and their extended families, to join them.

H.R. 4936 will give every single one of these trespassers immediate taxpayer-funded legal counsel to fight deportation.

Many of the spineless politicians in Washington think this bill is "compassionate”, therefore will likely vote in favor for it.

However, this bill is simply another attempt to flood America with welfare- seeking poor people, who will eventually vote for liberal politicians.

Big business, GOP leadership, illegal alien groups, leftist activists, and the Obama Administration are pushing hard to ram bills like this through Congress so H.R. 4936 could come up for a vote at any time.

According to health experts, many of these illegal aliens swarming across the border right now have terrible diseases. According to border patrol agents, some are gang members. These illegal aliens want free education, free medical care, and welfare benefits.

This newest proposal will give these illegal immigrants free lawyers to help them remain in this country.

Frankly, H.R. 4936 is even worse than amnesty. It is an open invitation for even more illegal aliens to swarm across the border and then hard working Americans will have to pay for their legal counsel.

The United States Justice Foundation is working hard to fight this bill and can use all the help from the American people they can get.

If you want to prevent America from becoming a third world country complete with third world diseases, you can help by demanding congress vote no on H.R. 4936 here. Please also share the link with everyone you know so they can help too.