PIG® Grippy® Traffic Mat- The safe, affordable alternative to rental rugs

New Pig Corporation offers PIG® Grippy® Traffic Mat as

part of its exclusive Grippy® Mat product line. It’s the only mat with a specially formulated, full coverage adhesive backing that lays flat and stays flat – no shifting, flipping or rippling.  Effective for keeping dirt, sand and liquids from being tracked inside from the outdoors, Grippy Mat is ideal for hallways, walkways, entrance / exit doorways and for replacing rental floor mats.  

“Placing this mat in heavy traffic areas helps keep facilities cleaner and reduces slips and falls,” said Tim McMillen, New Pig Product Manager. “Now we have customers replacing standard rental floor mats with Grippy Traffic Mat because it stays put no matter what, is easier to maintain and costs less than rentals.”

Constructed with a durable absorbent top layer, a middle liquidproof barrier layer to keep liquids from passing through to the floor, and a repositionable adhesive layer, Grippy Mat keeps floors dry and safe.  NFSI Certified as a high traction surface, it is the perfect mat to use as part of a Floor Safety Program, because it helps reduce slip and fall claims by as much as 90%.  

PIG® Grippy® Traffic Mat adheres to nearly all floor surfaces, but peels up easily without leaving sticky residue, providing a neater facility and making floor mopping and mat relocation or replacement quick and easy.  Tough enough for heavy duty walk-on and wheeled traffic, the Mat won’t rip, shred or fray. 

For more information and expert advice about the Grippy Mat line or other PIG® products, please call New Pig Technical Services at 1-800-HOT-HOGS or visit