Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The region of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has huge renewable energy potential that has the capability to supplement its rising power demand. SSA is expected to grow rapidly in terms of economic development, population and power consumption. Africa, which houses about 13% of the world's population, produces only 3% of its electricity, to which less than 30% of its population has access. Although electrification levels are low, demand for power continues to outstrip availability, which can be largely attributed to significant population growth, expected to double by 2050. Having recognized the huge potential for renewable energy technologies, various countries’ governments have formulated plans to take advantage of it. Some countries are home to several rivers and geothermal sites that have strong power generation potential, but most receive hours of sunlight and wind speeds for power generation.


- The report provides detailed analysis of the potential for the development of renewable energy technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa.
- It also includes an overview of the economic performance of countries, GDP and population growth rates and its impact on the rising power demand in the region.

Reasons to buy

- To understand the potential of various renewable energy technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa
- To gain insights into the renewable potential, economic performance, power demand and electrification ratios of key countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
- To analyze the growth prospects of key countries and their renewable energy development plans along with upcoming renewable energy power plants

To access full report with TOC, please visit Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa.