Recent Report on Wealth in the Philippines: HNW Investors 2016

Wealth in the Philippines: HNW Investors 2016 ; Understanding HNW investors and wealth management strategies in the Philippines ‚Äčis a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Filipino HNW investors are mainly drawn from affluent families, being owners of successful and longstanding business empires. Newer entrepreneurial and high-earning individuals have begun to reshape the market along more typically Asia Pacific lines, mainly due to the accumulation of wealth and entrepreneurialism among individuals in manufacturing, construction, and retail. The Philippines' increased identity as a business process outsourcing hub has dramatically changed the country's expat profile. In general, given the strong economic performance in recent years and a positive outlook off the back of huge new infrastructure investments being made by the new Duterte government, the HNW segment is showing strong risk appetite and generally favors classic investments such as equities and bonds.

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Key Findings
- A greater proportion of Filipino wealth comes from family business ownership and entrepreneurism than the rest of Asia Pacific.

- The country's increased role as a business process outsourcing hub means the HNW expat profile has changed dramatically.

- Broad asset allocation is dominated by high growth equities, and this will remain the case.

- Filipino HNW investors value professional advice but like to maintain control of investment decisions.

- Demand is and will remain strong for pension planning services and margin loans with which to broaden exposure to the stock market.

This report analyzes the Filipino wealth management market, with a focus on the HNW segment's demographics, investment preferences, and services demand. The report is based on our proprietary survey of wealth managers.

Specifically the report:

- Profiles the average Filipino HNW investor in terms of their demographics and analyzes the expat opportunity in the Philippines.

- Analyzes which wealth management mandates are preferred among Filipino HNW investors and how demand will develop going forward.

- Examines the allocation of Filipino HNW investors' portfolios into different asset classes and how this is expected to develop in the future.

- Analyzes product and service demand among Filipino HNW investors.

Reasons To Buy
- Develop and enhance your client targeting strategies using our data on HNW profiles and sources of wealth.

- Give your marketing strategies the edge required and capture new clients using insights from our data on HNW investors' drivers for seeking investment advice vs. self-directing.

- Tailor your investment product portfolio to match current and future demand for different asset classes among HNW individuals.

- Develop your service proposition to match the product and service demand expressed by Filipino HNW investors and react proactively to the forecasted change in demand.


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