Connecting Business with Bacon

WEST DES MOINES, IA – Businessolver will host clients in Des Moines, IA, on Jan. 31 on the second stop of its nationwide Get Engaged Tour, an event that encourages clients, partners and future partners to network and learn about benefits administration industry trends. The event is in conjunction with the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, at which Businessolver is a lead sponsor. The unique combination of business and bacon is an opportunity to deliver delight with a crispy all-American favorite


Seth Hall, Senior Consultant for Midwest Sales at Businessolver, is a founder of the prestigious and popular Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Hall holds the title of Vice President of Bacon Enjoyment on The Iowa Bacon Board. The event began from humble beginnings with the simple desire to bring enjoyment to the community in the form of bacon.


Hall says, “One of the greatest joys I get out of being a part of this fun event is hearing the stories from friends and strangers alike of how they met so many great people and they couldn’t stop laughing while they were at the festival. This simple concept of bacon camaraderie fuels our passion and pushes us to deliver more smiles and playfulness each year. It’s like being a kid all over again … but with over 10,000 lbs of bacon!”


Businessolver was founded on the concept of delivering delight. As an employee of Businessolver and a founder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, Hall understands this concept and delivers on it each year in the form of bacon. Thanks to Hall and the Festival co-founders, the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival has been recognized as one of the top reasons to visit Des Moines, according to USA Today. Connecting Businessolver with the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival seemed a natural fit to deliver on the concept of delight.


“The connection between Businessolver and the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is a natural connection,” says Hall. “Both the Iowa Bacon Board and Businessolver are focused on bringing joy and delight to everyone around them. What a combination!”


Businessolver will host clients at their home office located in West Des Moines, IA, on Jan. 31. This is an opportunity to thank clients for their continued partnership, as well as gather feedback in an effort to streamline systems and processes. This event will also enable attendees to network and learn about benefits administration industry trends. The event concludes with a stop at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival on Feb. 1. Together, the Get Engaged Event and the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival are an opportunity for Businessolver to showcase its commitment to delivering on the concept of client delight by connecting business with bacon.




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