Aureus Medical shares travel nursing news: Study warns against natural oils for prenatal patients

Omaha, NE (January 25, 2016) - People and parents, now more than ever, are taking a look at what they and their children are eating, using and consuming. The popular organic lifestyle has many benefits; however some natural alternatives may be doing more harm than good to babies.

Specifically, a recent study revealed that olive oil and sunflower oil could be bad for infants. These natural oils are often recommended by midwives for dry skin as an alternative to baby lotion. However, when working with new parents at your travel nursing job, be sure to educate them on the dangers of these oils for newborns.

Study overview
Researchers at The University of Manchester were intrigued by the increase in childhood eczema over the past 50 years. According to the study's press release, only 5 percent of children ages two to 15 had eczema in the 1940s. Today, 30 percent of children between two and 15 have eczema.

To test the effects of natural oils on newborn infants, researchers divided the babies into three groups: olive oil, sunflower oil and no oil. Each group received a few drops of each (or no) oil type twice per day for one month.

The groups that were given the oil treatments were more hydrated overall than babies who did not receive any oil. However, the oil groups did not have nearly as much improvement in the skin's lipid lamellae structure compared to the babies who did not have the oil treatment.

Alison Cooke, a midwifery lecturer who led the study, said in a press release that the lipid lamellae is an important aspect of the skin, particularly in children.

"If the skin barrier function is a wall with bricks made of cells, then the lipid lamellae is the mortar that holds it together," Cooke said. "If it isn't developed enough then cracks appear which let water out and foreign bodies through. Oil prevents this mortar from developing as quickly and this could be linked to the development of conditions such as eczema."

Read more to learn about safe alternatives to natural oils.

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