Local Start-up Revolve-A-Leash Simplifies Walks for Two-Dog Households

Digital Press Release:

Wilmington, NC – May 18, 2016 – Revolve-A-Leash, a Wilmington, NC-based start-up company, has paired with local digital marketing agency SISDigital to release a new solution for pet owners that have more than one dog. The Revolve-A-Leash allows two dogs to be walked simultaneously on one leash without getting tangled up, and is available now directly from the company’s website at for $49.95 USD.

“We have two dogs, and walking them became problematic, especially when each would head a different direction,” said Chris Bentz, CEO of Revolve-a-Leash. “You want to give your dogs a long leash on which to explore, but one would invariably cross over the other or get interested in a squirrel behind us. To keep us from getting tripped, and to free up a hand, we came up with a technology that solved the problem .”

Revolve-A-Leash was developed for the owners of multiple dogs, small or large, who want to make the double-dog walking routine easier. It has two leads that share a retraction handle, operating within a revolving chamber that prevents leash cords from becoming entangled. The design allows for each dog’s leash to have individual braking and locking within the single retractable design, which makes for a more enjoyable walk for both the dogs and their owner.  More information is available by visiting

About Revolve-A-Leash

Wilmington, NC-based Revolve-A-Leash is a company dedicated to identifying solutions that simplify the routine care of pets. The company was started by a North Carolina family steeped in decades of hog farming who found that frequent on-leash walks caused numerous family members to become entangled in the leashes. The founders’ creative solution to walking two dogs at once led to numerous product requests, which are now sold through its Wilmington headquarters. For more information, contact

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