Barker & Barker Introduces Highly Nutritious and Tasty Dog Treats

Dorset – March 27, 2014. Barker & Barker, makers of natural dog treats in the UK, recently declared their intention to continue making healthy dog training treats without any compromise flavour wise. This announcement comes after findings show that natural diet and puppet training treats are best for man’s best friend.

Though there are many treats for dogs some of the products sold today are unhealthy, and the lack of low fat dog treats has a direct effect on health. The report by Barker & Barker shows that there are not enough natural dog treats as most products are designed for owners, not dogs. The report states that healthy dog treats are necessary because of their unique digestive system, which requires specific types of food.

The difference between natural fish treats for dogs and artificial products is the lack of additives in the former. Furthermore, natural liver treats for dogs must not have any ingredients like grains, rice, corn or oats. Contrary to other reports, the best dog treats don’t have those ingredients as these are not part of a canine’s natural diet.

Rather than help dogs, inclusion of said ingredients in the diet makes dogs susceptible to heart ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure and other fatal diseases. These ingredients are not part of wild dogs’ diet and since heart disease has never been reported in the wild species, the culprit is clearly the food in some dog treats UK. For these reasons it is advisable only the best supplements for dogs are used and that the dog supplements are natural. 


About Barker & Barker

Barker & Barker is one of the UK’s top manufacturers of low fat and healthy dog food products. With more than 38 years of experience caring for dogs, Barker & Barker remains at the forefront of training treats. Aside from treats and toppers, an assortment of supplements, training advice and puppy food are available.

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