Case studies on Epigenetics in Drug Discovery, Chromatin Development, Disease Diagnostics and Environment

Scientists in different parts of the world are working in pockets and on different areas of epigenetics but they are unaware of the ways to merge this data and use it in a collaborative manner. The Epigenetics Discovery Congress to be held in London - UK on 24 - 25 September 2015 will gather global epigenetics experts under one roof to discuss the latest developments.

Sessions at this conference will help them find out similar areas that other research institutes are working on which will result in successful partnerships. One of the key highlights of this conference is the case studies on Epigenetics in Drug Discovery, Chromatin Development, Disease Diagnostics and Environment.

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1) Drug Discovery

  • Drugging the Epigenome - entering the clinical phase | Dr. Rab Prinjha, VP Head of Epigenetics DPU, GSK
  • Histone Methyltransferase Inhibitors as Therapeutics in Genetically Defined Cancers | Dr. Richard Chesworth, Vice President Molecular Discovery,Epizyme
  • LSD1 inhibitors for treatment of oncological and neurodegenerative disease | Dr. Tamara Maes, PhD, CSO, Oryzon

2) Disease Diagnostics

  • Study of acquired resistance in cancer therapeutics | Dr. Rajesh Chopra, MD, Corporate VP, Translational & Early Drug Development, Celgene
  • Preclinical and Clinical epigenomics – Impact for translational sciences | Remi Terranova, Senior Scientist, Novartis
  • Role of epigenetic Biomarkers in drug discovery: Insights from methylome analysis | Professor Stephan Beck, Prof. of Medical Genomics, Director -  PGP-UK, UCL Cancer

3) Environment

  • Trophoblast stem cells to model earliest steps of placental development - key to healthy pregnancy and reproductive success | Dr. Myriam Hemberger, Group Leader, Babraham Institute
  • Retroelements as key epigenetic targets for genome function | Dr. Miguel Branco, Lecturer, Centre for Genomics and Child Health, Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London
  • Inter-individual variation and inheritance of epigenetic states in mammals | Dr. Vardhman Rakyan, Professor of Epigenetics, Queen Mary University of London, Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Sciences

4) Chromatin Studies

  • Understanding the dynamic 3D structure of the genome | Prof Dr. Frank Grosveld, Chair of Cell Biology, Erasmus University Rotterdams
  • Epigenetic Editing to Mimic or Reverse Epigenetic Mutations | Prof. Dr. Marianne G Rots, Professor of Molecular Epigenetics, University Medical Centre Groningen, Groningen NL
  • Models and mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation | Dr. Adele Murrell, Reader in Regenerative Medicine, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Department Biochemistry, University of Bath

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