Increasing Emissions Volume - 5 Strategies for a Larger Load

There’s nothing quite like an explosive, toe-curling emission. Spurting thick, powerful ropes of fluid is generally considered the more desirable kind of male release. A healthy load of fluid can endow the average man with a heightened sense of masculinity, and shooting more fluid requires stronger contractions of the PC muscle: a sensation that can send men into heights of pleasure. But for most men, the size and intensity of each release can vary dramatically. These five strategies – along with the right attention to overall male organ health care – could have the average man’s partner reaching for a raincoat.

#1: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Perhaps the most important issue of all in increasing emissions volume – not to mention staying healthy and energized – is keeping up a steady fluid intake throughout the day. Most people do not drink enough water and walk around chronically dehydrated, a condition that does not bode well for fluid production. Try getting in the habit of drinking two tall glasses of water before breakfast each morning. Shoot for at least eight glasses over the course of an entire day. Whether a man works in an office, a retail outlet, or the great outdoors, they should keep a water bottle on hand at all times. Not only will the extra fluid keep their fluids flowing; it will improve their energy levels too.

#2: Eat Smart

Ideally, most of the dietary nutrients that men need to support their fluid production are going to come from their daily food intake. High protein foods like nuts, eggs, and fish will supply the body with L-Arginine and other important amino acids. Men should also look for fruits and vegetables packed with Vitamin C, including asparagus, oranges, and kale. And fresh shellfish such as mussels are loaded with zinc, one of the most effective minerals for augmenting emissions. Rumor has it that Casanova ate 50 oysters for breakfast each day. But for most men, a small plateful will suffice.

#3: Cut Back On the Booze

Beer and cocktails can be staples of social life, but drinking too many alcoholic beverages will negatively affect fluid production. While it might be unrealistic to completely axe alcohol from the average man’s lifestyle, cutting back on the booze will make a sizeable difference in emissions output. Men should try limiting their alcohol intake to every other day of the week, and think about substituting a small glass of red wine every now and then. After all, it’s one of the world’s most popular aphrodisiacs. 

#4: Lay off the Self-Love

Although the urge for a little solo entertainment can be overpowering, frequent releases during alone time can reduce the amount of fluid that is available during a partner session – simply because it takes time to refill the reservoirs.

On the other hand, for men who rely on self-pleasure for relaxation, a good night’s sleep, or just a little stress relief, there is no need to give up the activity entirely. Practicing “edging,” where a man brings himself to the brink of emission and then stops, can allow him to enjoy some quality time with himself without draining the tanks. And this practice can provide an extra advantage – men who engage in edging tend to develop better control of their emissions, allowing them to go longer with a partner, with a more intense finish when he does finally let it go.

#5: Apply a Male Organ Vitamin Creme

Heightening male sensations can also lead to increased excitement and output during intimate activity. Applying a topical male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis can greatly improve sensitivity. Over time, the skin of the male organ can become rough and desensitized. A nutrient cream rich with antioxidants and vitamins can restore a youthful softness to the male organ skin, making for memorable times in the bedroom.