Airwheel’s Production Line Enriched by intelligent Standing electric bicycles and Smart Helmet

Airwheel, as a branded manufacturer of intelligent transportation devices, has successfully redefined the transportation industry, with vehicles like intelligent self-balancing unicycles, twin-wheeled intelligent scooters, two-wheeled intelligent scooters and electric skateboard. This summer, the production line of Airwheel has been further upgraded, with the introduction of an intelligent helmet and electric bicycles.

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Airwheel electric bicycle E6 and electric folding bike E3 are innovative products in the history of the company. The E-series is a new genre, which represents a mini and portable electric bikes. They are targeted to the young generation which has been tortured by the crowded urban traffic environment. E6 and E3 Best Electric Bicycles can be fully folded to a minimized size. Thus, they can be easily taken onto buses and stored in offices. They both adopt modular battery design. The car-level Li-ion battery set equipped has a USB port and is able to charge electric devices like smart phones. The battery guarantees sufficient power supply and the vehicles can efficiently satisfy the urban travelling needs. As intelligent devices, they can also be connected to the phone via a customized app.

Airwheel smart helmet C5 is a reliable companion for daily riders. It is designed to keep riders safe and record the precious moments in life. Similar to traditional helmets, it chooses tough materials to protect the head. But differentiated from them, it is an intelligent product, integrated with a camera lens and allowing interaction with the smart phone. The camera can record videos and take photos on the road. Besides, C5 can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, which allows riders to listen to music or hear phones through an inserted speaker. It is also dubbed as a helmet for extreme sports. The smart gadget can record the thrilling moments, like rock climbing and ski diving.

Airwheel has uphold the concept of enabling customers to live freer, providing them with an intelligent companion, helping them find passion and joy from life, to realize higher personal value.

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