Report Analysis, Forecast and Trends of cPDM Market in the UK

cPDM Market in the UK - Report Analysis, Forecast and Trends is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 

Market Outlook and Key Factors Impacting Its Growth:

A cPDM software permits collaboration among several units of a product development process, aiding data creation, sharing and management among the business units. The cPDM market is observing the availability of cloud based services. Industries are increasingly concentrating on the reduction of PLM adoption cost, consequently leading to adoption of cloud based PLM software.

Compared to the rest of Europe, UK accounted for around 12 percent of the total revenue generated from the cPDM market.  The growing acknowledgement of cPDM solutions provides an intense awareness on Bill of Materials (BOM) and helps the companies to study the impact of supplier cost on to the final product cost.

Increasing product recalls in Automotive Industry is predominantly driving the growth of the cPDM market in UK. Augmentation in product recall from the automobiles manufacturing companies in the UK has added to the development of the cPDM market. Competent handling of PLM software such as CAD, cPDM, CAE and CAM helps to scale down the flaws related to the products through better advanced and immaculate techniques.

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Top Companies in the cPDM market in the UK:

Market Landscape and PLM Industry Insights:

The cPDM market in The UK demonstrates the vendor landscape and an equivalent detailed study of the top four vendors in the cPDM market in UK.  The market has a considerable large number of PLM software vendors, who have enhanced their market potential through groundbreaking strategies and various mergers and acquisitions. The occupancy of large number of service providers and value added resellers in UK permits convenient access to customized cPDM solutions.

While industries need PLM solutions for designing and simulation analysis of the products, cPDMs are used among business units for collaboration and management of data.T

The cPDM market in The UK is expected to reach over US$900 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of around 10 percent during the forecast period.

On the basis of application segmentation, the Comprehensive cPDM section accounted for the largest market share in the cPDM market in the UK in 2014. In terms of product segmentation, the Services segments accounted for a larger share in the market in 2014.

The cPDM Service Providers in the UK earn their Revenue Through:

Implementation Services
Maintenance and Support
Process and Change Management
Consultation Services (Starategic Plan Services)
Training Services
Market Segmentation Based on Application:

The cPDM market in The UK is compartmented into two on the basis of applications:

Comprehensive cPDM
cPDM Focused Applications
Examples of cPDM Focused Applications include content management systems, independent view and markup packages. They are primarily implemented in the consumer packaging goods industries where only specific divisions require the assistance of cPDM software.

Comprehensive cPDM consists of solutions such as portfolio management, content management systems, BOM and asset management. The comprehensive cPDM market is primarily driven by major end-users like aerospace and defense industry and automotive industry.

The marked-up adoption of comprehensive cPDM solutions such as Teamcenter, Windchill and ENOVIA across major industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, and High Tech has led to the high share of Comprehensive cPDM segment in the cPDM market.

Other Sections of the Report Include an Analysis on the Following:

Advantages of Adopting Comprehensive cPDM
cPDM Solutions Ecosystem in Europe
Key Drivers and their Impact on the cPDM market in the UK
Key Challenges and their Impact on the cPDM market in the UK
Key Trends and their Impact on the cPDM market in the UK
Five Forces Analysis of the cPDM market in the UK


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