The Syncline - An innovative and outstanding web software solution

KOL Limited has launched an innovative and outstanding web software solution called Syncline.

Syncline is a new highly developed software, which allows multiple online selling channels/stores to be maintained and controlled in regards to orders, inventory, shipping etc, through one easy to use admin panel. The process of updating stock levels on every selling outlet may become time consuming, confusing at times, and by no means least, a daunting and repetitive task. The Syncline software allows the information to be entered once and it will reflect on every integrated channel. Syncline is a solution which many online retailers will find as a requirement rather than an extra when it comes to running their online stores.

KOL Limited are the creators of this multi-channel breakthrough, and with a dedicated team of professionals behind them including: software engineers, website developers and Ecommerce specialists, it is safe to say they understand the requirements of a multiple online store owner, as well as know the factors needed in order to create this easy to use, fool-proof solution which is very durable. KOL are considered a leading company in their field due to their ability to think outside the box and understand their customers’ requirements, as well as delivering the most powerful web solutions exclusively for them.

The Syncline software created by KOL Limited has many striking and indispensable features for an online trader as briefly mentioned previously, such as: Easy order management- track and process all your orders from each individual store/channel through one single interface, Automated inventory management- the ability to add an item once on the Syncline software where it will reflect on all integrated channels, Bulk listing management- allows you to upload multiple items in a spreadsheet format where it will be synchronised with your Ebay stores and Amazon store, and of course Shipping management- which allows you to set the status of the stage or method of all orders from your Ebay or Amazon store.

This prevailing and innovative online solution- provided by KOL Limited, will help clients grow their business further and will help them to maintain and generate good business as they are able to control all outlets correctly and efficiently, simultaneously.