Water and Wastewater Management Market in India 2014

Netscribes latest market research report titled Water and Wastewater Management Market in India 2014 deliberates on the current disparity between demand and supply of usable water and mentions that wastewater management can be revolutionary, given its economic benefits and significance as a strategy for catering to the poor. In India, large volumes of wastewater that are discharged in an unprocessed manner by industries, enter the human chain and result in outbreak of water-borne diseases, contaminated water-related deaths and environmental degradation. While various policies are being drafted by the government to foster economic growth, an essential ingredient for progress of a country lies in mitigating water related woes and efficient water management. The report discusses India’s current water condition and its wastewater treatment framework. While growing urban population and heavy rainfall calling for proper rainwater harvesting hints at wastewater treatment being a necessity, the prevalent truth is that India is lagging with regard to wastewater management.

Even the governments Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017) states that an economic growth of 8-9% is possible only if water related requirements of the growing population are met. Although the industry is still at a nascent stage, government and industry bodies are increasingly looking at strategic policies to build more treatment plants and thereby, reduce wastewater and related environmental degradation.


* Overview of the water and wastewater management market in India and forecasted market size data over 2013 to 2018

* Coverage in state-wise treatment capacity, capacity utilization, effluent and sewage waste treatment scenario

* A complete analysis of wastewater treatment techniques and business models

* Qualitative analysis of market drivers, challenges, trends and regulatory measures taken by the government

* Overview of the various industry bodies and their responsibilities

* Analysis of the competitive landscape and detailed profiles of major players

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Water and Wastewater Management Market in India 2014