New Product Launch: Introducing HunterCoin -- The coin that's a game and safe, fast and secure

 February 26, 2014: Are you ready to make some cash and enjoy earning it? can make it your reality. is pleased to introduce Huntercoin which was released on February 2, 2014. Huntercoin is a modified form of Namecoin and the coin that's a game. It is safe, fast and secure and the revolutionary human mine-able crypto currency that incorporates the world's first peer to peer decentralised massive multi-player and site where gamers and crypto-currency enthusiasts get paid to play.

Why choose Huntercoin? Huntercoin allows players to control hunters which harvest coins in a 2D top to bottom virtual world. Once harvested the Hunters return to a spawn area that effectively 'banks' the harvested coins which can be converted into Bitcoins and real world currency. Though the game appears simple players must be mindful of impending attacks and counter-attack several steps that are synonymous with a relatively complex but competitive gaming experience. 

All participants collect Huntercoins inside a virtual world by applying human effort, strategy, and teamwork. They are assured of fair play because every event leading up to the present moment is recorded as a public ledger in the block chain to allow all your successes, failures, and transactions to be immortalised.  Participants get added motivation as Huntercoins have a real world financial value and unlike other crypto-currencies, Huntercoin is affordable and accessible to the majority. Dedicated, expensive 'mining' hardware is not needed. Start collecting Huntercoins and earn crypto-currency!


About is the proud owner of the world's first peer to peer massive multiplayer online game, Huntercoin. It is committed to developing apps for all platforms including smartphones and tablets that would allow anyone anywhere to participate without downloading GBs of data. Its official website is Huntercoin facilitates crypto-currency exchange   

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