Dog Treats with Gluten May Be Back On Store Shelves

Orlando Florida – According to various reports, dog treats which were recalled because of having gluten content years ago may be back on store shelves right now. Many dog owners are not aware of it but dog treats that contain gluten are very dangerous to your dog’s health. Veterinarians worldwide are becoming alarmed with such news and are encouraging the public to make sure that the dog treat that they are feeding the dogs should not have gluten and preservatives.

According to various sources, there are tons of dog treats that are being sold in pet stores which contains a high amount of gluten. Gluten is harmful for humans let alone for dogs. When the US government found out these dog food and dog treats that contain gluten, they were recalled however, there might be dog products out there that might have missed the recall which alarms vets. In order to make sure that the dog treat that you are feeding your dog is gluten free, make sure that you research about the company that manufactured it. Vets strongly recommend to for dog treats which are manufactured in the United States and have undergone health and safety standards.

One of the most recommended gluten free pet treats is Lena’s Pet Products’ Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for dogs . It is considered as one of the safest dog treats in the world and it is processed based on health and safety standards.

“Our dog is a cross of many breeds. She is also a creature of habit. Gourmet Chicken Jerky is one of the few treats that she accepted immediately and devoured. It is a healthy treat that reinforces her response to us. She will come when shown the Jerky. We highly recommend this product.” – Thomas F. Lang, Dog Owner

About Lena’s Pet Products

Lena’s Pet Products is one of the best producers of high quality and highly effective supplements for various pets from dogs, cats to birds. They provide top notch products that contain that right amount of nutrients for your pets. Every product that they have has been made in the United States and is based on health and safety standards.

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