Residential Handicap Door Opener

If you want an accessible door in your home you can now have this at your house that will surely give you and your family a convenience and security when using this residential handicap door opener. You will just assume that your door is gentleman that will automatically open exclusively for you and for loved ones. Residential handicap door opener can be installed by handy men without any problem.

Using residential handicap door opener can be used manually and you do not need to exert more effort to push it. This can be activated with the use of a remote control or wall mounted buttons or any infrared devices that has the access in operating this. It has a pneumatic strike release which makes the door latch and lock and it can be opened when it is activated. The door swings freely under the normal use and it will be automated especially if the users are disabled or using scooter. The main purpose of installing this door opener is for the people who are physically disabled because they the difficulty in opening doors when they want to go outside or getting inside. Effective handicap door opener is simple but elegant that makes it reliable door and it will provide you a barrier free access in any door.

In using residential handicap opener will not give you headache in terms of maintenance because this device doesn’t have any maintenance required. It will not produce noise when opening it that can disturb anybody because of its low pressure pneumatics it will only produce little noise when it is activated. There is no reconstruction when it is installed in any door. You feel secure because it will stay locked after using this device and can open it with the use of the remote control or you can also choose a keypad that will be used to activate this door opener. Your door will stay locked unless you will unlock it. It will not affect the normal use of your door you can still use this door manually. It allows the door securely latches when closing. You can also adjust the time interval of the door opener after it was opened.

If you want to have this residential handicap door opener you make sure to install this inside to avoid vandalism and any act that can destroy this door opener. It will be great in personal home use especially for those members of the family who are handicap.