Kelport Announce Launch of Little Pink Pill Heralded as the new Viagra for women

British based supplements manufacturer Kelport Ltd have announced the launch of their latest product line, Femagra, which has been touted as a natural solution to low libido in women.

After a number of man made solutions recently being approved by the FDA, the media has been awash of reports of the female viagra and the possible problems these drugs can cause. Femagra suggests that the issues causing female low libido are completely different than that of men and therefore chemicals which simply stimulate physically are not a suitable solution.

“In men the issue often relates to erectile dysfunction which Viagra can remedy in many cases” said Sarah Saunders, head of product development at Kelport. “Our research shows that the problem is much more complicated in women and needs to be addressed in a more holistic manner” she added.

Femagra’s solution lies in addressing the causes of low libido as opposed to the symptoms. The key ingredients include essential minerals which the body needs to function correctly. In addition mild stimulants to reduce tiredness which for many women is the actual issue. Finally a strong aphrodisiac (Korean Ginseng) is leveraged to complete Femagra’s “Trifecta” of natural components.

“During our trials we’ve been amazed by how well a natural solution has performed”, Mrs Saunders continued. “Women have reported feeling much more alert and enjoying the return to a healthy sex life. As a side effect we have seen many women being able to enjoy other area’s of life more too”.

The most recent pharmaceutical option to hit the market was Flibanserin but unfortunately the drug simply isn’t suitable for many women. “The number of women that Filbanserin may help is very limited and excludes women who are post menopause among many others” Sarah Saunders explained.

Time will tell how effective Femagra proves to be as more reviews are shared by women using it, but so far the natural solution looks very promising and has already been earmarked by some of the leading chemists for their Autumn product ranges.

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