Space One FPV Launch Their New Mini Drone Quadcopter Racer Called Orbit One 250

A new Mini Drone Quadcopter Racer Called Orbit 250 has been launched by California-based Space One FPV, which has become popular with consumers. Their new racing drone has a bunch of powerful features and is now available on

Orbit One 250 features a power board with integrated Blue and White LED's. Different types of motors for agility and speed can be mounted to the device, as it has universal mounting holes.

This revolutionary product deals successfully with most of the problems that quadcopters have with FPV video recording and FPV Speed flying. The design of Orbit One 250 provides for vibration reduction to increase the video quality. A complete support for Mobius and other kinds of HD video cameras that are additionally secured by mounting brackets is included.

The drone is made of full 3K carbon fiber that is highly strong and resilient, being the first choice of materials, used in the Aerospace industry. The users can easily accommodate 5" props on its lightweight airframe.

Among the Orbit One 250's additional features is a completely integrated for FPV electronics and ESCs power distribution board, incorporated LED's for LOS orientation. It also has landing gear is integrated in the frame to make it user-friendly, and more.

The product is offered at a reduced price now, giving customers a chance to save $30.00 on their purchase. The current price of Orbit One 250 is $139.99. The box includes a drone quadcopter frame kit, power distribution board, and landing gear and standoff hardware set. It also includes CC3D black nylon standoff set, neck strap for radio control, FPV sticker and velcro straps, neoprene tape for anti vibration, Xt60 Lipo pigtail. Full instructions are included.

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About Space One FPV
Space One FPV is a California based drone manufacturing company that offers a variety of drones for commercial or personal applications.

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