Discount Disposables Offers Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Solutions

Discount Disposables, a leading online supplier of infection control products and dental supplies, offers ultrasonic cleaning solutions for dental instruments. Practitioners can now thoroughly clean their equipment and ultimately reduce health risks.

[HAMILTON, 7/9/2014] – Discount Disposables, a leading source of infection control products and dental supplies online, offers a full line of ultrasonic cleaning solutions for dental instruments. From general ultrasonic cleaners to tartar and stain removers, Discount Disposables carries all that dental professionals need to thoroughly clean their dental instruments to remove potentially infectious materials that can cause major health concerns for the patients and the practice.


Better Than Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning of dental instruments is the least effective cleaning method. Scrubbing instruments manually with detergent and water only removes visible debris, which only exposes patients, staff, and dental practitioners to more than 20 types of diseases, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Many dentists now make use of ultrasonic cleaning not only to prevent these health risks, but also to reduce the risk of injuries due to sharp objects.

Discount Disposables offers a solution to lessen the worry and stress of dental experts, as well as the patients who receive their services. They offer a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning products, including general-purpose non-ammoniated ultrasonic cleaners, enzyme ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic tablets, and tartar and stain removers. These products leave instruments spotless, not only lifting the visible contaminants, but also those that the naked eye cannot see.


Biodegradable and Environment-Friendly

Many ultrasonic solutions in the market contain phosphates, which are chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Discount Disposables’ line of products contains very low levels of phosphate, and some are even phosphate free.

Their products are environment-friendly and biodegradable, meaning dentists who use these types of products do not contribute to the large trucks of plastics and biohazard waste. Others are afraid to spend a fortune when it comes to reducing their environmental impact, but Discount Disposables offers the green dental supply products at reasonable prices.


About Discount Disposables

Discount Disposables is a supplier of infection control products and dental supplies online. Established in 1989, the company stocks a full line of infection control supplies and disposable dental products that meet the needs of dental practices, as well as the environment. They offer ultrasonic cleaning solutions that promote proper and thorough cleaning of dental instruments, as well as services for dental waterline testing.

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