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USA - PDFs are now widely used by a huge majority of people all over the world. There are a number of advantages of using PDFs to share data or information over word docs. PDFs are not only more professional looking but they are also safe and secure means of sharing information through email or online. For the same data, PDFs are much more compact as compared to word docs and they cannot be edited by others and if required can be password locked too. Hence, converting word to pdf is advantageous, but how to go about it.

Now there is a website that provides a free word to pdf converter. So, converting word docs to PDFs can be done with a single click. This software comes with a number of advantageous features. Care has been taken to make the software as user friendly as possible. Hence, users will be able to observe that everything about the software is easy; firstly, it is easy to download and install. Secondly, its simplistic design with minimal tools and user friendly interface makes understanding and using the software easy. And finally, the conversion is very fast and a number of documents can be converted at once.

The website says, “When you convert word to PDF free you will notice everything from images, text, columns, and anything else is included in the finished PDF file.”

So, when converting word documents to PDFs using the free word to pdf converter, all the data from the word doc is transferred to the PDF without loss in data. This tool isn’t only convenient to download and use but is also lightweight and hence doesn’t occupy much disk space when installed onto one’s computer.

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