More People in London Turn to Flatshare and Room Rent with the High Rental Prices Says RoomHunters Ltd

Rooms to rent and Flatshare in London has become the solution to stop families being broken up

Living and renting in London is becoming unaffordable for the average worker. With house prices being some of the most expensive in the UK, and renting a property being more than double the UK average, single people are now turning to flatshare and rooms to rent in London.

London has always been a place where property prices are higher than the rest of the country, but now it seems due to the high rental prices families are being split up. The high rental prices are not just causing problems for people wishing to live near their families; it is also causing problems for businesses that are only able to pay the minimum wage.

Some businesses are finding it hard to employ new members of staff as well as holding onto existing members due to the increasing property rental prices. Rents rose by eight per cent in February 2015 compared to February 2014. The average monthly rent in London is £1,507 while the national average is £705. According to RoomHunters Ltd, the affordable option to live in London is through Rooms to rent and Flat share.

A spokesman for RoomHunters Ltd said: "Renting a house and buying a house in London is becoming unaffordable for the average person. With high rents and high property prices, an increasing number of people are moving out of the area to other parts of the UK."

RoomHunters Ltd, who helps people find affordable accommodation in London, want to see fewer people moving away from their families due to the high rental prices. With rooms to rent and flatshare in London, people on the minimum wage can still afford to live near their families.

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About RoomHunters
RoomHunters help people find affordable accommodation in London through moving into a spare single room or double of a property. They also help homeowners find single people to live in a spare room they may have. By bringing people together, the accommodation experts are helping people stay in London instead of moving out of the area to other parts of the UK that are cheaper to live.

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