New Genesee Beer Pays Tribute to "Forbidden" Brew

Rochester, NY (December 5, 2014) – The Genesee Brew House will pay tribute to the Prohibition era by launching a U-219 All Malt Prohibition Pilsner on the anniversary of Repeal Day. The beer takes its name from the Federal permit number U-219 that made it possible for Genesee to sell beer almost eight months before Prohibition came to an end on December 5, 1933. Genesee brewers drew inspiration for the Pilsner from the Liebotschaner recipe, which was the first beer brewed and sold by Genesee in April of 1933. The U-219 beer takes people back to that time in history when the United States repealed the 18th Amendment and ended Prohibition forever.

According to Dean Jones, brewmaster for the Genesee Brew House, the single malt pilsner is Genesee’s version of the U-219 Liebotschaner brewed decades ago. “We wanted to recreate our history and what better way to do it than through beer,” said Jones. “The U-219 pays homage to the commitment of the Wehle family and the Brewery’s hardworking employees who got beer back into Rochester before Prohibition officially ended.” 

About the Beer
Genesee’s U-219 All Malt Prohibition Pilsner is a crisp, clean, refreshing beer that prominently features the varieties of hops available from that time period. Its medium body carries subtle sweetness with delicate fruity aromas. Produced and served exclusively at the Genesee Brew House, the upfront malt flavor is balanced by assertive, yet pleasantly clean harmonic bitterness.

ABV: 6%

IBU: 25

About Genesee’s Prohibition Past
In 1920, the 18th Amendment implemented a nationwide ban on the sale, production, importation and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Thousands of jobs were lost, and some fifteen hundred breweries nationwide closed their doors.
Twelve years later, Louis Wehle took a chance on the repeal of the 18th Amendment and purchased both the old Genesee Brewing Company building and its recipes. He also hired as many of the old Genesee Brewing Company employees as he could. At the time, Wehle was the vice president and general manager of Wehle Baking Company on Clarissa Street in Rochester, NY.

A gala party was held on April 27, 1933 to formally open the Genesee Brewery and celebrate the return of Genesee Beer. Thanks to the Federal permit number U-219 and the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board License #D-29, the 3,000 people in attendance were able to sample Liebotschaner before it was sold to the public two days later, and almost eight months before the 21st Amendment ended Prohibition forever. The beer has since been honored as best of Rochester’s post repeal brews.

“Genesee is an iconic American brand with a deep history that draws people in,” said Janine Schoos, brand manager for Genesee. “Every day, people share their stories and love of Genesee. Our brewing team draws inspiration from that history and the community. Dean created a fun, throwback beer that everyone can celebrate. And thanks to the 21st Amendment they can also legally drink it!”

About The Genesee Brewery

The Genesee Brewery, based in Rochester, New York, is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States and is part of North American Breweries. In 2010, the Genesee Brewery earned AIB Certification, a nationally recognized industry designation for quality excellence in food, beverage, and brewing manufacturing practices and product safety. The brewery makes the classic Genesee line of beers, the Original Honey Brown Lager, the Dundee Ales & Lagers family of craft beers as well as Seagram's Escapes. The Genesee Brewery also manufactures beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages under contracts on behalf of other companies. For more information:

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