Why You Should Expect More from Your Accountant

Knoxville, TN – 17/03/2014:Patty and Bennett Kopp, owners of Charley's Grilled Subs in West Town Mall, insist other small business owners should expect more from their accountant.

They believe this because, for well over a decade, they have been working with The Bottom Line’s certified public accountant Marilyn Parham, who goes "above and beyond."

"Marilyn's knowledge and care goes beyond the typical accountant," Patty said. "She is always present and attentive whenever I have any questions regarding an idea I'm thinking about trying, or in terms of increasing sales, reducing expenses. She's always willing to listen and give honest, direct feedback."

Bennett interrupted his wife and said, "The individual you are talking about is a member of our family. She participates in our business with us. She cares about our success, and she contributes to it."

When the Kopp's disagree in business matters, such as their recent expansion to include catering, Parham is the person they call for a third opinion.

"Bennett and I sometimes have different philosophies and we can call her and she'll help us reach a decision that pleases both of us," Patty said. "I really respect that she always answers the question based on, not only what is financially viable, but she knows our personalities. She knows how we operate our business. She knows what would and wouldn't work for us because she knows us."

Part of the reason Parham understands her clients so well is because she is a partner in multiple small businesses. She is founder and principal of The Bottom Line, a full-service accounting firm that has been in business for nearly 20 years. She is co-owner of the multi-location Soccer Taco, a Mexican sports bar. She understands the struggles of the small business owner because she is one.

"She can relate very much to the things that come up," Patty said. "She knows the everyday problems."

And, perhaps the most important part, the Kopps aren't nickeled-and-dimed for every moment they are in contact with Parham.

"I have dealt with the high-power type scenario, where you feel you have to limit your conversation because the clock is running and you're paying $300 an hour or whatever," Patty said. "I never feel that way with Marilyn. I feel like she is listening."

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