ORAL IV, A Revolutionary Hydration Aid

Los Gatos, CA --  ORAL IV is a high quality product that is a game-changing approach to performance. ORAL IV can be taken as hydration supplement together with water during and after activities, or as a supplement to daily activities that can lead to dehydration. ORAL IV does not contain sugar, artificial ingredients or stimulants. It is based on a proprietary formula of crystalloid electrolytes present in purified water.

ORAL IV is a hydration supplement and it can be used for any activity that can lead to dehydration. This mainly ranges from sports, daily activities, workouts, on-the-job use in the law enforcement, military and first responder communities. The product is made of natural ingredients and it is designed to optimize the body's hydration process and supplement existing hydration strategies. If you want to keep your body hydrated at all times, regardless of the activities you are engaged in, ORAL IV is the best product for you. 

The quantity and frequency of ORAL IV you take will depend on the intensity of your activities or exercises. It recommended taking one vial of ORAL IV with water for every 4 to 6 hours of strenuous activity. But remember that ORAL IV does not replace and therefore you should continue taking as much water as possible

There are many people who have already used ORAL IV and experienced its results. The following are some of the testimonials that have been given by some of the users of ORAL IV: "As an MMA fighter, you have to train as you fight. I used ORAL IV during some gruelling training sessions, and it was the best I've ever felt. I was able to train longer, harder and stay focused. Using ORAL I.V. after my workouts also shortened my rest and recovery times. MMA is as much about cognitive thinking as it is about physical conditioning. ORAL IV helps me with both -- this is a product that any MMA fighter should not go without!" said Phil Baroni, MMA Fighter. Craig "Sawman" Sawyer, former US Navy SEAL, SAL Team Six, Star of History Channel's Top said the following about ORAL IV, "Regardless of how sophisticated the warrior's equipment gets, at the end of the day, survival on the battlefield boils down to the most basic needs, and the most basic of these needs is hydration. Whether your fight is on the battlefield, the race track, in the gym, or at the dojo, ORAL IV is the simple choice." Lastly, Charles Hobbs, Triathlete, said this, "As an Ironman triathlete I am constantly working on gaining an advantage by dialing in my nutrition and hydration strategies during training and competition. Three months ago I started using ORAL IV It has increased my performance and reduced fatigue that normally sets in from hot weather training and racing.  Thanks ORAL IV for delivering an awesome product!!" Therefore it is evident that ORAL IV has proved to be very effective and it serves its purpose perfectly.

ORAL IV is produced to the highest standards of quality and is manufactured under strict controls. It is manufactured in a facility that meets the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements as per ISO 9001 Standards. The product has been certified by INFORMED-CHOICE/INFORMED-SPORT, which is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products. Therefore ORAL IV has been certified to be fit for its intended use.

ORAL IV comes in different packs and sizes namely 4-pack, 25-pack and 50-pack. These packs are sold at $11.99, $69.99 and $134.99 respectively. 

ORAL IV was introduced to the market in 2010 and ever since then; it has been used by some of the world's most elite fighting forces. Today, ORAL IV is available to anyone who wants to use it. The product is aimed at helping you perform at your highest level. It will help you overcome dehydration, which is a major challenge to human performance.

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