5 Key Traits You Should Possess Before Enrolling For an Online MPA from USC

When you are considering advancing your knowledge and obtaining the requisite certifications to confirm the same, it is very important to have a very sober discussion with yourself in order to determine whether you are a good match for the graduate degree that you are interested in enrolling in. The other variables that are usually factored in such a conversation are usually extraneous in nature.

By extraneous in nature, we are talking about things like cost, time for completion, faculty and career opportunities post-graduation. These are external factors in the sense that in most cases, you have no control over them. For instance, the cost of the MPA will have been predetermined by the institution. All the other factors listed above in this paragraph are quite frankly, by and large out of your hands.

The one factor that is totally dependent on you is your fitness for the study program. Ask yourself questions such as: “Will I achieve the goals that I have set out to achieve in life by studying this program? Does my personality work in connect with the main objectives of the study program?” In the case of an MPA from USC, the core issue at hand is all about being a more effectual servant, whether in the public service, nonprofits, military or any other position thereof.

The 5 Magic Questions to Consider Before Signing Up For an Online MPA

Here is a good checklist you should use to find out if you gel well with the overall values that are encapsulated in a good MPA online or residential degree program.

Are you interested in contributing to effective, practical and tangible policy change in the area that is of the most interest to you?

Are you willing to be a leader and a manager who is interested in working for the public good and who wants to make a mark in improving the lives of people around you?

Do you want to develop valuable analytical skills that will help you in solving real-life, real-world problems while at the same time being a valuable critical thinker?

Do you wish to promote transparency, accountability, efficiency and justice in public service?

Do you want to develop cross-cutting skills that can make it easy for you to wear a hat in government, nonprofits or in the private sectors, while at the same time gaining deep understanding of the dynamism that is the modern work environment?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then this online degree program, the Master of Public Administration, is a perfect match for you as it is designed for individuals whose natural instinct is to be of service to others for the common good.  The role that you will take up after graduation is entirely dependent on you, but you will be ready to take up roles such as CEO of a nonprofit,  City Manager or with the Department of Homeland Security.