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United States 2nd July 2014 – MaxCon PLUS brings you the commercial construction estimating softwareto ensure precision in your counting and calculations.

Calculations and counting always have been useful for all the people in some way or the other. It’s useful to everybody irrespective of the field in which he or she works. But, sometimes not practically possible to calculate or count things physically because of the thing being very small or very large in number. This is where the technique of Estimation has benefitted the people the most. The most important utility of this is in the field of architecture and construction. This job has been made easy by estimating software for construction for you by MaxCon PLUS. It’s a completely cloud based software which helps to increase the speed of your work by many times and hence, results in the prompt finishing of the project. Construction cost estimating softwarehas been helpful to calculate the cost of construction even before the project is started which helps a lot to the people who wish to invest and also to the builder. Industrial construction estimating software has also been useful for the industry owners and corporate. They are benefitted in the construction of factories and power plants. MaxCon PLUS has built the reputation of being the best estimating software for contractors and has been widely used by many.


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The cloud- based software is devoted to bring the most précised estimations in any type of construction measurements.


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