Reynolds Cycling’s True Wind Method Targets Optimum Wheelsets for Specific Courses

Nils Frommhold poised to take triathlon World Champion title using the unique wind tunnel testing data.

Sandy, Utah (Oct. 6, 2015)Reynolds Cycling's Chief of Technology Officer, Paul Lew, has developed the True Wind Method, a unique form of wind tunnel testing that targets wind conditions on specific courses to find the best wheelset for that day and race. Saturday, Oct. 10, is the debut of the True Wind Method when 2015 Datev Challenge Roth champion Nils Frommhold competes for the triathlon World Champion title in Kona, HI.

When compared to traditional wind tunnel testing that merely predicts trends of equipment in apparent wind, the True Wind Method takes wind data collected at specific geographic locations (Kona in this case) and overlays a targeted average race speed to show what product will perform best. Frommhold has been one of Lew's primary test subjects in the True Wind Method development; last year, Frommhold placed 6th at the Kona World Championship. On Saturday, Frommhold will race for the win on a likely unique combination of his Reynolds Cycling AERO wheels, determined the day before by the True Wind Method. 

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Since 1981, the lava-strewn fields of Kona, HI have hosted the triathlon World Championship. Athletes embark on a 140.6-mile swim, bike, and run quest for the title of World Champion.

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