What is the Relationship Between Clock and Fengshui?

It is surprised that I saw a book Fengshui 101 was sold in Amazon. This is a book introducing Chinese conception at home decor. It is called FengShui. As per the author understanding, “FengShui in my way is designing a space that is optimal for you ¨C for you very specifically- to balance your life, free yourself from clutter and chaos, and welcome in abundance in all of its many forms: creativity, wisdom & yes, money and love, too!!! ”

I am really so proud and excited when I saw the book and gave my comment on it. Comparing the decoration of the Western and China. We will find that Chinese people put more attention to the mysterious relationship between the environment and the human being. Chinese people believe that a flow home can make your family harmony and make your career smoothly. So they always decorate their home specifically according to the birth date and year of the male owner of the house. Also, they put special plant or decorative at home hoping to bring them lucky. For example, when someone move to a new house, the clocks is not allowed given as gift because, in Chinese pronunciation , clock(zhong) means ending. If you give a clock to a friend who moving to a new house. It is not a greeting but a curse. Only the owner himself can buy the clock if he need a clock decorate their home. Actually, this is cultural of giving gift, but it is also a part of Fengshui.

Fengshui can be either a real decoration at home or a meaningful concept. It is like the Western people believe in God. Chinese people believe in Fengshui which can bring them hope, lucky and love. It is a faith. It is a hope to live a happier and flower life through changing the enviroment of home. I am happy that the people outside China interest in it and try to understand and practice Fengshui to their real living. Being a clock suppliers and clock manufacturer, we also happy that our clock like wooden led clock or wooden alarm clock can be a gift for friends who moving to new house.

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