Free PDF Solutions Unveils PDF To TIFF Converter

Free PDF Solutions has announced its PDF To TIFF Converter that many regular users can benefit from.

PDF files have become quite popular in recent times and one comes across them in professional and personal aspects of their lives. But there are times when they have to be converted into different formats, including TIFF, which can be a tricky proposition. One needs to resort to other devices to get the job done.

However with this PDF To TIFF Converter the need for external devices is said to have been eliminated. It’s also a professional quality tool that users can benefit from because they will get top quality results. That’s a huge marker of the efficiency of the software that users can make the most out of on an everyday basis.

This converter is also said to handle batch processing, which ensures that the task at hand is done rather quickly. And that’s what makes this software one of the fastest solutions in the market, according to its claims. Another good thing about this converter is that it lets users preserve the original format, pictures, text etc from the PDF files. Thus they don’t have to go through the hassle of adjusting the layout once the conversion is done.

Users will also find it handy that they can customize the height and breadth of the output. Rotation of output images is also possible giving users more control over the results they get. High quality image formats can also be used with this software, which can be a smart option for users in many instances.

The PDF To TIFF Converter supports drag and drop option to make things simpler for users. To get more information on this converter they can take a look at

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