Harness Today’s World Of Email Marketing With Australia’s Ninja Emails

Australia – Today more than ever before, consumers are turning their attention to email and digital marketing channels for effective business communication. People don’t want to be called, and they definitely don’t want people knocking on their doors. The world is consumed by a digital era, and as such, people prefer to receive their news and advertisements in a digital email channel.

Ninja Emails, a new email marketing Australian company established in Australia, is on a mission to answer the call for individuals unable to wrap their minds around the world of email.

“Not an easy feat for many, mastering the complex web of email marketing can prove frustrating and intricate,” said Atsushi Naruto, Founder and Owner of Ninja Emails Australia. “From the initial email construction, to the mass distribution, it can be a lot for the average business owner to wrap their brains around.”

Ninja Emails is unique in that they do not place a limit on outgoing emails per day. Sites like Gmail and Hotmail place 300 or 400 email caps on users, preventing widespread distribution in a singular period of time. Ninja Emails wants users to feel in control and effective with their email marketing through one single click.

Additionally, Ninja Emails provides just one simple report after measuring the effectiveness of an email campaign. They take out the complex verbiage, numbers, and charts to make email marketing understandable for the most amateur of users.

“Our objective is to bring marketing back to its simplistic, understandable roots,” said Naruto. “A good start is removing the pages of analytics and intimidating reports that scare off first-time users. The world will continue to head in a digital marketing direction today, and we want everyone to feel encouraged by the Australian email marketing focus in consumer outreach.”

Email Marketing Australia has a global database in excess of 10 million opt-in subscribers.

For more information, visit:

Atsushi Naruto
Phone: 0748-88-5001
Address: 394 Oki Koka-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga, Japan