Free, online program teaches the fundamentals of financial products and concepts to adults.

Do these sound familiar?
“I wish someone would have told me about this ten years ago.”
“If I knew then what I know now.”
Maybe you remember your parents telling you, “I just don’t want you to have to learn everything the hard way, like we did.”
We would all love to be able to go back in time and warn our younger selves about some of the mistakes we would eventually make. But it isn’t too late to learn from those mistakes. We can also pass on what we’ve learned from the school of hard knocks to our loved ones. Most importantly, we can do something today to avoid the pitfalls of the future by having a better understanding of the financial products that will affect our lives going forward:
  • Savings and investments
  • Credit cards
  • Credit scores
  • Mortgages
  • Auto loans
  • Retirement
How do these things work? What are the fundamentals of these financial products? How would your life be different today if you had a better understanding of them years ago? An understanding of these topics can help you better navigate your future:
  • Compound interest
  • The pros and cons of buying or refinancing a home
  • How to compare credit card offers
  • How factors influence your credit score and what that means to you
From your computer or mobile device, go to and select “Financial Foundations for Adults” under Bank News. Create a free account and begin learning today. The quick, easy to follow modules are self-paced and saves your progress.
“We know that our community thrives with financially sound citizens. That’s why First Bank of Wyoming has partnered with award-winning EverFi education services to bring our community “Financial Foundations for Adults”. We want to help you pave a path toward a secure financial future. Start expanding your financial knowledge today.”
Troy Brown
First Bank of Wyoming