Currambine Dental Offers Safe Teeth Whitening Services

Currambine Dental, a leading dental service provider in Perth, offers safe teeth whitening services. With a safe and non-invasive procedure, dental patients can now get rid of the harmful effects of homemade bleaching and whitening treatments.

[CURRAMBINE, JUNE 23, 2014] – In a drive to promote safe dentistry, Currambine Dental, a professional dental service provider in the northern suburbs of Perth, offers safe teeth whitening services to clients who want to improve the colour of their natural teeth. Unlike other clinics, Currambine Dental offers a procedure that makes patients’ teeth appear whiter and brighter, without the use of extremely harmful chemicals.

Safe Customised Whitening

Many people are trying to whiten their teeth at home with lemon juice and other acidic and harmful chemicals. This destroys the tooth enamel, which is a hard substance that covers the teeth and protects them from damage. Currambine Dental offers a safe and non-invasive procedure to whiten teeth. The procedure naturally lifts deep-set stain from enamel pores, and does not harm the enamel.

Currambine has two types of teeth whitening services—in-office whitening and take-home professional whitening. This allows patients to choose whatever method suits their needs. The dental service provider first evaluates if the patient is a good candidate for whitening, and which type of procedure would work best for them.

Minimised Tooth Sensitivity

A teeth whitening process opens up the pores in the teeth, exposing the dentin and causing sensitivity. Many dental care professionals, while they are aware that this happens, only recommend patients to use desensitising gel before the process to calm the nerves in the teeth. Currambine Dental uses a technology that minimises tooth sensitivity during an in-office whitening treatment, for comfort throughout the entire process.

As for their take-home whitening treatment, Currambine Dental provides a custom-fitted mouth tray for patients—this allows safe and effective application of the whitening gel in places where they need it.

About Currambine Dental

Currambine Dental is a leading dental service provider in Perth. They offer services in Invisalign teeth straightening, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, dental implants, and preventative dentistry. They employ a team of specialists in cosmetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry. Established in 2002 by Dr. Farnaz Dehghan as Healthy Dental Currambine, the clinic has an experienced team of dental assistants and administrative staff with a goal to help patients make informed decisions about their long-term dental health.

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