AIFF to Flac Converter – A Simple to Use Application with Practical Features

File conversion to various popular formats apart from Flac is quite simple and easy with the AIFF to Flac converter. This is a simple to use application that comes with practical features which make conversion easy.

The application allows conversion to Flac and other file formats such as AMR, AAC, and WAV etc. It can be easily downloaded and installed and is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8. Users have the benefit of automatic normalization of the files and can choose the audio quality of the output files.

Once installed the conversion process with the app is very simple. All one needs to do is drag and drop the files that need to be converted. With the option to customize output settings users have the benefit of choosing the output settings according to their choice. Those who would like to save time with multiple files can opt for the batch conversion. The progress bar helps in checking the status of the conversion as well.

Conversion allowed in simple steps and few features makes this AIFF to Flac converter a perfect tool for anyone to use irrespective of their technological expertise. The application offers quick conversion with optimum performance.

About AIFF to Flac Converter

AIFF to Flac Converter is a simple to use and easy to download free of cost application that allows file conversion from AIFF to Flac and other formats such as AMR, AAC, and WAV etc. The ability to check the status of the conversion with progress bar and convert multiple files using batch conversion makes it useful and time saving application. The tool also helps in joining multiple files into a single file format. It allows customization of output files enabling the users to select the output settings, audio quality and output format.

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