Julianna - Glass With Crystals Launches New Website


Oakville, ON, Canada (May 30, 2014) - Entertaining is never a simple task, but the best possible glassware and stemware can make all the difference.  Those who are looking for a stylish, yet functional glassware, need look no further than Julianna.

Perceptions start with the looks, and if your glassware is sub-par, even the finest wines in the world will not appeal to your guests.

Julianna has taken the art of the glass to a new level.  Their superior line of glassware uniquely accessorized with crystal stones is the finest of the sorts, yet it is priced for the average family to own.

Each piece is specially hand-made glass with a seamless look for the ultimate in taste, elegance and aesthetic appeal. Designs created by Julianna are simple but eye catching. The crystal stones add luxuries and very chic look to glasses with exceptional sparkling. Crystal stones complete designs and create sophisticated, one of a kind visual statement.  

Julianna’s collections of glassware are trendy with perfect balance between the shape and design.Each piece is dishwasher safe and are functionally designed for various drink choices. The best selling products come in various shapes – traditional and modern; including wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, martini, cognac, whiskey glasses, long drink and cocktail glasses.

Of course, nothing speaks more positively for a product than a customer.  Here is what one recent customer had to say about Julianna glassware.

“Julianna glasses stand out because they are not only functional but also beautiful.  They are cool products that you must have”, said Silvia Malik, one of the first customers, “my drink tastes much better when I use Julianna glasses. I feel more relaxed and special.”

Julianna glassware is available only through the website.  A safe and secure checkout is guaranteed, and customer’s full privacy is respected and closely guarded.

Additional information, including high quality shots of each piece in the separate lines, prices and ordering information is available on the website.  

Visit for further information or check YouTube channel for additional details.

About Company:
Canada Direction Inc. is the main distributor of Julianna - Glass With Crystals glassware and stemware products. The company operates from Canada with exclusive distribution rights of Julianna products to the U.S. market. The products are made in EU and meet all product quality requirements for North America.

Media Contact:
Anna Hoferica
Oakville, ON, Canada