Image Optimization Techniques for SEO

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As far as SEO is concerned, image optimization and on-page optimization form the core part of your campaign. Search engines are getting clever day by day, and it is becoming difficult for getting a good search ranking. Only writing quality content, does not serve the purpose. There are many other factors as well, which result in good rankings in the search engine. One of the primary factors is the on page optimization. Off page optimization can be called as yet another factor. Although it may not directly affect the rankings; it may definitely help. As far as on page optimization is concerned, image optimization forms a critical part of it. Images form a visual component of a webpage. Therefore, it speaks more than a thousand words. As is the saying.

If images are used in an optimum manner, they convey your message aptly to the viewer. On the other hand, if they are used shabbily, then they may ruin your page. They also add to the amount of traffic coming from image search engines. Alt tag, image linking, image name are some of the pillars of image optimization.

Components of Image Optimization for SEO Techniques:

  1. Image Relevancy:

Using relevant image is critical with regards to image optimization for SEO. A picture of a train on a page identified with Ferrari will do you no great. This is considered to be common sense, however this progression is important to the point that it can’t be missed out.

  1. Image Size and Image Hosting:

Image size is an exceptionally crucial component for your general viewer experience. Images can make your page overwhelming. Set up a site page that takes over 10 seconds to load, and your viewers will escape quicker than you can say “back button”. After the late Panda redesign, the stacking time of pages has turned into an essential part for your SEO ranking as the aggregate time of visit has turned out to be more imperative as a SEO algorithm. So its vital to keep your images low in bytes. Yahoo Smushit is a awesome tool to wipe out the overabundance bytes from your images making them lighter.

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Image hosting is another essential element particularly with regards to driving traffic from Google Image Search. The components on which the pictures for Google Image Search are picked is kept a secret, yet some say that image hosting is one of the imperative elements for the choice. It is said that images hosted on the same domain as the content are given more weightage than the images hosted at another place like a free image hosting site. Another vital calculation for Google Image Search is the means by which the images are mixed with the content on the page.

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  1. Title Tag and Image Linking:

Images are attractive so are ideal for linking. In any case, legitimate image linking techniques can offer far and away superior results. One of the essential tips for image linking is to abstain from linking your pictures straightforwardly. Continuously utilize relevant anchor tags at whatever point linking your images. This is significantly more compelling for your SEO when linking images in a visitor post or different pages expected to recover a link back to your site.

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Keep in mind to utilize a title tag at whatever point linking your images. Title tag or heading tags gives a tool tip when you float your cursor over a link. Use relevant keywords and SEO friendly description and your title tags will rock.

  1. File Names:

Pretty much as keywords are important in URL, the same goes for images. Keyword rich document names can help a SE decide pertinence. Abstain from utilizing default image names like, “DSC0019.jpg” as it doesn’t give much idea about the image. Use spellbinding filenames with keywords isolated by “- ” (hyphen). For instance, “steve-employments on-the-starting of-iphone.jpg”. Specially in the event that you are utilizing SEO friendly images plugin for WordPress, it’s extremely valuable as it proselytes image file name into ALT tag.

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