How to Impress a Woman on a First Date

The first date is the time when women are basing most of their decisions on gut instincts. They don't have enough details about the man yet to compile a list of logical conclusions, so the details they do learn have more significance now than at any other time in the process of dating. That's why it's important to put significant effort into the first date, including things like personal gifts or extravagant dinners, if necessary.

Dress to Impress

You most certainly want to dress to impress the woman on your first date, but how do you know what will impress her in particular? An easy way to solve this problem is to keep it simple, but elegant. You don't want to be flashy and possibly even outshine her, but you do want to indicate that you appreciate elegance and style. You can do this by wearing an outfit that involves subtle colors with distinguished materials, but also be sure to add personal touches throughout the date, like using one of your luxury pens when you sign the bill.

Treat Everyone Well

A man who has to show contempt in order to feel secure about himself does not provide the kind of confidence a woman is looking for. It's about more than just good manners. It's about being so confident that you can lift others up with a smile. From the valet to the doorman, extend a friendly smile and common courtesy to everyone you encounter during your night out on the town. Remember that your date wants to see your general affect, not just the way you are with her.

Demonstrate Interest

Every woman wants to know that the man she is with is interested in her. If you need to Google her to learn about her interests in order steer the conversation or to provide simple, yet elegant personal gifts, then do so. During the course of the conversation that follows, make eye contact and lean slightly forward to demonstrate interest, but be sure not to overwhelm her physically. Ask questions about the things she is discussing with you, but don't invade her personal privacy. She will take the conversation as far as you will encourage her to.

Let Your Intentions Be Known

The unknown is a scary place for a woman. If she knows that you are both on the same page, as to the results and intent of the first date and subsequent dates, then she can relax and simply enjoy the flow of conversation.

Be yourself, with a bit of extra effort. You want to shine here, but you don't want to create an illusion that you can't live up to.

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