Whenever i am loving god

Whenever i am loving god, shias of hyderabad, india are playing there religious songs on there mobiles and there are connecting there wires through spiritual world from my mind to mobile to love that song and then by feeling there are putting that islamic song in my throat so my throat keeps singing that song and they take my heaven property which i get from god.

My everything is being theft and whenever i love god shias imams rape angels inside me by coming near to me to win from me by saying we are not scared of you because they fear from me.

Shias genies/spirits are controlling my angels by showing me visions and asking them to take there penis in my mouth and faunt in my mouth and piss in my mouth by feeling.

Shias of hyderabad, india genies and spirits who have become genies and angels by believing in that man who wrote holy book quran with toilet stick are taking my believe from last 11 years so that i dont believe in god and whenever i love god they take my heaven property which is given to me by god, moses and jesus christ and from last years they are putting mad coins in my mind so that i become mad so they become right in front of the world showing moses and jesus christ is wrong and we are right.

As soon as i posted about whats happening with me many angels visited me but when i try to sleep shias genies and spirits comes from wall and they try to do gay things from back and from front to win from me and i dont think or i dont believe in god. Many angels told me to believe in god and whenever i start believing in god they are coming in my mind and putting there penis in my mouth and masterbating so that i dont believe in god or my angels dont let me win.

Shias of hyderabad, india has theft all my angels and heaven property and put there in there people and in there imambargahs and there imam came in my mind today and said now say i am original spirit and i was sleeping and i said that as i dont have control when sleeping because bibi zainab and shias has beaten me very badly in my mind from last 11 years.

Power in my finger which i had is theft by spirit zakki of hyderabad, india and he breaks his people toilet place who are against him then he returns that power to me by feeling when i take name of moses and jesus christ. They even used my finger power to take out my angels by saying they are original spirits. Original spirits never theft heaven property of god.

Shias of hyderabad, india are converting all my angels of bible and torah to shia religion and want me to convert to there religion now by prooving this man is ours and all angels are his property as we believe in him, i am not shia i am jewish from 2007.

I ask all angels to help me, i am in hussaini tekri, jaora - india.