Latitia McCree, VP of YMCA shares her mission for 2014

Latitia McCree is Vice President of Youth Development, Arts, and Community Initiatives for YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. She began her commitment as a volunteer with the Y in 2005 and her dedication earned her a position in 2007. She served as executive director of education and outreach before transitioning into her current vice president role.


McCree is responsible for cultivating relationships and resources that enable the YMCA to improve the quality of life for youth and their families in Detroit and surrounding communities. She manages three YMCA Outreach Branches: Y Arts, Metro Youth YMCA and SWIFT (Sexual Wellness Information for Teens).


She is also tasked with strategic planning, program creation and implementation, building and maintaining partnerships, budgeting, marketing, staffing, and facilitating alliances and fundraising to support program operations that directly impact Detroit area youth and families.


McCree is on a mission to inspire and support her fellow man to fulfill their life’s purpose—to imagine and live the life of their dreams.

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