‘Four Little Ducks’ an Engaging Read for Little Ducks Everywhere

Reading to your little ones every night is a lovely way to bond with them.  Not only does it make for warm cuddle times, it also introduces your children to the rhythm and fun that reading can be.  The new children’s book, Four Little Ducks Take a Walk, encourages dialogue among family members of all ages, as well as encouraging the warmth of family bonding time.

Four Little Ducks Take a Walk is author Rachel Cook’s first literary foray, which began as stories about her four children – three boys and a girl.  She notes that her children found her stories bright and funny, and so, she decided to put some of these stories to paper.  Four Little Ducks Take a Walk, with its soft illustrations and light dialogue, takes readers on an adventure with the little ducks and it is one they will not soon forget.

It is described as a fun and easy read that children will enjoy and be entertained by as their parents read it to them.  It is a vibrant illustrated kids book that many children of all ages will certainly enjoy, both for the beautiful illustrations by Shelby Groeneveld, a talented illustrator who has been drawing her whole life.  Published by Blurb, an online book publishing company, Four Little Ducks Take a Walk is a brilliantly colorful illustrated book that is of a quality that many will enjoy for years to come.  It is a tale to be shared among children for generations, and with its gentle brand of humor, it is a book that will engage children and one that children will keep for years to share with their own children.

Children’s authors are also taking note of the lighthearted read aloud book.  Author Barbara Ann Mojica, who pens the Little Miss History series, notes that Four Little Ducks Take a Walk “makes a nice read aloud for younger children. Older children will want to talk about how different the ducklings are and perhaps relate the experiences to their own family. The illustrations are simple, soft and pleasing to the eye. ”

Marketing professional Nicole Contente echoes Mojica’s sentiments, saying the author’s opening children’s book is “such a fun easy read for children!”  To be sure, this ringing endorsement offers children the delight to be found in many illustrated pieces now and will allow the parents that read the story to them to remember their own childhoods as they romped through woods and playgrounds, discovering the world around them.  Four Little Ducks Take a Walk takes children on their own voyage of self-discovery along with the ducks, and it’s an adventure that families won’t soon forget, either.

Whether you are a parent looking for a new reading adventure for your children, or you want to introduce your children to the fun of discovering the world around them in a book, Four Little Ducks Take a Walk is an adventure to share in all families.

Four Little Ducks Take a Walk is available on at or for Amazon Kindle and iPad at