Atlanta GA, March 2014- Everybody wants to feel good, but with the current healthcare crisis, that isn’t always possible. Many people cannot access the help they need when they need it, which is why Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski has decided to take action and put the power back into the people's hands with his new book “Feel Good Now!”.

The book helps readers discover that when it comes to better health, a real 'quick fix' is possible. However, unlike many other 'quick fixes' that are currently available that promise to help people feel better, Dr. Mielcarski has come up with the ultimate 'quick fix'; one that is not only safe, affordable, and easy to implement, but also ethical and very accessible as well. It shows people how to gain control over their well-being by teaching them how to cooperate with their bodies, as opposed to trying to 'trick' their bodies into feeling better. As such, the new book promises a gimmick free, innovative way to feel good again.   

When asked why he wrote this book, the author replied: “After being asked thousands of times in my career for a 'quick fix', I realized that I had a choice to make. I could either keep getting frustrated, and possibly even give up and quit, or I could find the 'quick fix' that people are looking for to feel better. Well...I chose not to quit, and that's what the book is about—giving people a true 'quick fix' so they can feel better fast! We live in a got-to-have-it-now world. There's a 'quick fix' demand in this world for better health and the book helps meet this demand. People want to feel good now! The book teaches them how.”

The book is already doing well and on March 5th, it reached a best seller status on Amazon in the category of 'Healthy Living'. The book has also attracted some rave reviews. One reviewer said: “This book is like the 'Cliff Notes' for better health and wellness. The author does a good job in providing simple tips and strategies for how one can improve their health and feel better quickly overall. This is the kind of book that you may want to read several times so that the simple but profound message that it contains really sticks!” To find out more about how to “Feel Good Now!” you can visit: The book can also be found on as well as other book retailers (Book ISBN: 978-14947181690).


Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski has over 17 years of clinical experience as a licensed physical therapist and rehabilitation expert. His innovative techniques have empowered the lives of thousands of people and now his expertise is available in book form so everyone can benefit from it. With “Feel Good Now!” Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski (aka 'Dr. SAM'), offers the reader a unique opportunity to take a safe, affordable, easy approach to the good health that they deserve.

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