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Based on a powerful matching algorithm, brings love and relationship answers to the millions who have trouble finding it. With easy to use features and helpful insights into the sun signs, users will certainly have no problem finding the perfect match.

Relationships are an essential and fulfilling part of human life. While many people have found their soul mates, a great deal are still searching for the one, sometimes to no avail. For such people, finding love can become a tiring affair. However, it doesn't have to be anymore, thanks to the new online dating site,

Inspired the works of the late great Linda Goodman, a New York Times bestselling astrologer and poet, combines knowledge on astrology, numerology, and spirituality to come up with a powerful matching algorithm; one that uses an individual's horoscope, location and interests to help users find their perfect lovers and life partners.

Site creators Crystal Bush spent years reading and researching on astrology and numerology, and was blessed to have interacted with Linda Goodman. Crystal's interactions with Linda gave her insights into how astrology could assist people make decisions in their everyday lives. Reading astrology-themed books written by Linda helped a lot, and later interactions with the bestselling author guided Crystal in her decision to launch

The site's mantra is to make finding love easy. This it does by offering insights into the sun-signs, and finding out which signs are compatible when it comes to love and relationships. The compatibility part relies on the astrological research of Linda Goodman, and Crystal Bush's own experiences and interactions with people who have found it hard to find love.

"It has taken me years to feel the time was right to create a website which offers astrology and numerology based on Linda's teachings. Having listened to many people complain about how finding love is difficult, my daughter, Kelly-Anne and I have decided to offer a new way to find love, and that's through," says Crystal Bush, on how the site came to be.

What makes different from other dating sites is its approach to sun-signs in the matching process, which takes it a step further to provide dates based on hobbies, interests, physical features, and a host of other characteristics. Users can also choose extra criteria to use in their matching search, which makes the results more refined.

The site is free to use, and one can sign up through their email or social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter). Once they're registered, one only has to provide the relevant details pertaining to their search, and let the site's powerful algorithm do the rest.


Created by Crystal and Kelly-Anne Bush, a mother and daughter duo, is in part a dedication to the research of the late Linda Goodman, whose work greatly influenced the duo in their efforts to create a dating site. is opening in the cities of Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. For more information, visit