AMR to FLAC Converter – Reliable and Unique Tool

AMR to FLAC converter is an uncomplicated tool that can be easily downloaded and installed. It comes with unique features that accomplish conversion quickly with great quality.

This converter has a simple to use interface that makes it convenient for use for anybody irrespective of their experience with computers or software. The features available are simple and can be comprehended very easily. The conversion process itself is very simple and can b achieved in few simple steps by adding the files to be converted to the queue and selecting the output destination. It also offers the drag and drop option to add files for conversion. The tool supports various other file formats as well.

This tool allows users to adjust parameters like bitrate, sampling rate, volume control and sound quality etc. The progress bar helps with the status of the conversion and batch conversion supports multiple file conversion thus saving time and effort. Conversion can be cancelled by users anytime during the process and once conversion is completed users can play the output files as well.

This tool is compatible with different versions of windows and offers quick conversion with great output sound quality. Apart from normalizing the volume of both AMR and FLAC files the tool can be used to join multiple files into a single file conveniently.

About AMR to FLAC converter

AMR to FLAC converter is a simple to use tool with uncomplicated features that can be used by anyone irrespective of their experience levels. This tool provides quick conversion with quality output. The tool supports batch conversion that saves time. Progress bar allows checking the status of conversion and users can choose to alter various parameters such as bitrate, sampling rate, and volume control and sound quality etc. thus making customization possible.

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