FingerCheck Offers Online Punch-in Services Membership for Employers

New York, NY, January 17, 2014 – FingerCheck is making time management easy with online membership, available at Membership in FingerCheck's online system offers the opportunity to keep track of every employee, regardless of their location. It includes online sign-in solutions through a Smartphone, computer, and even Twitter account. The set-up process is easy, taking only a few minutes for any employer to set up the system.

"We have a lot of people that are interested in clocking in on their computers or other devices, but don’t want to use a time clock; that’s why we offer membership through an online solution. FingerCheck makes it easy to sign in wherever you’re working, as long as you have Internet access, without having to download software. We’ve got it all right there for you at," FingerCheck CEO Ryan King explained.

Since it is not necessary to install any software, the punch in system is compatible with a variety of companies and programs. FingerCheck membership allows employers to streamline the process of punching in and keeping track of employee hours. The software provides the opportunity to keep track of hours, job tasks, and a variety of employee systems in a single online-based location.

For those who prefer a time clock over the online membership, it is possible to use it with other punch in solutions, such as biometrics and RFID Time Clocks. Companies with another system can find out their specific options by calling FingerCheck to talk to a representative to find out specific options based on the current system that is being used.

Visit to learn more about joining FingerCheck as a new member and the time clock applications. Speak with a representative by calling 1-800-610-9501. FingerCheck is also available via social media at and, and the company hosts a blog at