keyboard_arrow_up Launches Green and Educational Website, Raffles off Free Web Design and SEO

Sacramento, CA January 21, 2014 - 39WebDesignshas recently launched a new educational website and is offering a free WordpressWeb Design. 39WebDesigns is Sacramento’s SEO and Web Design specialists, are kicking off their new website by gifting a free website and SEO. Their plan is to gift a site at the end of January to the lucky raffle winner.

"I founded 39Web Designs to help small business get online, and thrive once there. The focus on community and giving back is the core principle that leads to online prosperity",says the owner of 39WebDesigns.

On Jason’s 39th birthday decided to leave his prior work at WVO Designs and focus full time on 39WebDesigns.  Seeing a need for local Web Design and SEO in Sacramento and Los Angeles, Jason designed and built the website with a very fresh and responsive Wordpresstheme.  He then forged useful SEO and Web Design content, and is now seeking to do the same for other small businesses. 

According to Jason Jelonek, the owner of 39WebDesigns, “I am here to help the community, specifically green and non-profits, by offering my online marketing expertise. I hope to refine my pricing with my clientele, with the spirit of gifting sites and also ‘naming your price’.”

39WebDesigns and its team of other freelance developers, artists, and SEO specialists are closing the loop by delivering quality Web Design and SEO Services while giving back to the community.  The triple bottom line focuses on economic, social and environmental viability.

Another principle championed by 39WebDesigns is the “information forward approach”, which the company leads by example in how to make a robust and popular online presence.

39WebDesigns also offers free consultations and are available as a resource.   Furthermore, green businesses and non-profits receive a 10% discount on services.  Additionally, 10% of profits are donated to charitable organizations.   

To get entered into the Web Raffle, fill-out the contact form at 39WebDesigns by January 31 2014. You can also like us on Facebook to enter.  Also visit their site for the latest and ever growing insights into clean and creative Web Design and the best SEO tactics.

About the company: is a California based Web Design service. It’s a total online marketing solution equipped with fresh web designs, customer service consulting, SEO services and much more.