Grand Rapids Real Estate Authorities, Griffin Properties, Provides Easy Solutions For Home Sales

PRESS RELEASE: Grand Rapids MI, 4-JANUARY-2014 - Griffin Properties, Keller Williams Realty and Diane Griffin, CEO/Realtor/Broker of the Grand Rapids real estate company, are pleased to announce that the firm has the expertise to easily and effectively handle home sales transactions for local homeowners. There are many details linked to the sale of a home. The professionals at Griffin are available to handle those details smoothly and accurately.

Diane Griffin, Grand Rapids real estate company broker, explained to an interviewer recently, "Even when homeowners are seeking to sell the residence, there are typically other things going on in their lives. There may be a move to another job or another city. The seller may be busy with finding schools or local services in another location. The planning for a local move can also occupy time. It is the goal of our firm to take over the tedious details of a home sale for the homeowner."

"We can help with preparing paperwork, presenting offers and similar efforts which are linked to a property sale" she continues. "Unless you are fully educated in the details of a real estate transaction, you may find that some critical elements could be lost, costing you money. Our professionals are with clients during every step of the process, ensuring that the transaction is handled accurately and expeditiously."

Presenting a property in the best possible light is the job of the realty firm. The marketing efforts, open houses, meeting with potential buyers and presenting offers are all part of the work done by a qualified and professional agent. The real estate firm has the skills and experience to ensure that no crucial details are left out during the sales process.

Learn more about the efforts of the members of the Griffin team by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have queries regarding the contents of this press notice should contact Diane Griffin at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Diane Griffin, Broker

Company Name: Griffin Properties, Keller Williams Realty

Address: 557 Crescent St NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Contact Telephone Number: (616) 915-6060

Contact Fax Number: (616) 588-6395