(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED KINGDOM - June 13th, 2014 - Imagine you’ve just booked your summer holiday: you buy the flights first, and then immediately start booking everything else. That just post-booking time is half the fun of a summer holiday. You just start to get excited and your holiday is full of promise. That is, until you receive a call from the travel agency you booked through asking for an additional £300 per person to ticket the flight.

Seems impossible that such an extortion scam could exist in this day and age, but this is exactly what happened to Emily Hunt and her four year old daughter.

Hunt spent a few days looking online for the best deal on flights before booking a trip to Washington, DC for her and her daughter. On Thursday, debit card in hand, Hunt was ready to book. “I looked on Kayak, and was really happy that there were quite a few options under £600 per person. I decided to book straight away as the fares were great!”

But 90 minutes later, Hunt received what she says was a “ransom call,” demanding an additional £600 - £300 for each traveler - to have the tickets released. Hunt argued with TravelUp that she had a booking confirmation email saying that her booking was a success and that payment had been taken. TravelUp refused to honour the advertised price and said that they were cancelling Hunt’s booking, against her wishes.

TravelUp claimed that they will refund Hunt’s money, but in the meanwhile, prices have gone up across the board. “I’m really worried that now we won’t be able to have a holiday at all. It’s really upsetting,” said Hunt.