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This report presents and analyses conditions in Bulgaria's overall construction market and its major segments - residential, non-residential and civil engineering.  It provides data on market value, trends, and employment and wages as well as in depth forecasts for changes that will occur over the coming years.

A key section of this publication offers details on upcoming projects in each segment. Leading contractors and manufacturers of construction materials for use in the Bulgarian sector are examined via complete profiles, enabling readers to gain a working knowledge of the competitive climate and upcoming opportunities in the industry.

Comperhensive contruction sector coverage includes:

  • New data quantifying the value and prospects for the Bulgarian construction market
  • Current data and forecasts for the period during 2014-2019
  • Astute analysis of trends, regulations, investor and government plans for activity and resulting impact on the market
  • Exclusive coverage of Bulgaria's residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments, including planned projects for commercial, industrial, infrastructure and public purposes
  • Examination of the leading materials manufacturers and contractors at work in Bulgaria.

Did you know:

  • Civil engineering will continue to lead the overall construction market in Bulgaria.
  • Although pre-crisis levels will not be achieved even nearly by 2015, non-residential construction’s overall trend should bring low, stable growth by 2015 and slightly higher, maybe even double-digit growth in output by 2019.
  • With fierce competition in the public procurement processes, the big Bulgarian construction companies are increasingly focusing more on the foreign markets.
  • M&A activities in the country are still largely determined by privatisation processes and, on rare occasions, by takeovers.

Extract from this report:

  • Cement production and consumption started to grow slightly in 2013. With positive tendencies noted in the residential and non-residential construction market segments at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, a slightly more positive outlook should be expected in 2014, though still far from the pre-crisis levels.
  • Construction output will remain well below the record levels of 2008 and 2009 in the mid-term, while a return to those levels is not expected much before 2020. In general, annual growth in construction output until 2015 will remain modest.

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Study the competitive climate in Bulgaria’s construction sector: Report presents corporate profiles, news and forecasts for development 2014-2019

Key question answered in this report:

  • Which construction contractors are in line to handle the most significant projects in Bulgaria?
  • Which building materials and equipment providers are largest supply sources for ongoing construction projects in all three main segments of the industry?
  • Who provides most of the financing for infrastructure development projects in Bulgaria?
  • Which companies are engaged in merger/acquisition activity on the market?

Gain access to your copy of Construction sector in Bulgaria 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 and you’ll have the answers to all pertinent questions about the overall competitive atmosphere and that of the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments of the sector. In addition, this unique report delivers complete data and analysis regarding the current status of wages, prices and employment and carefully plotted forecasts for all key market and macroeconomic indices over the next five years.

Two immensely useful collections of data are provided with the report. A directory of the Top 100 contractors operating in Bulgaria includes descriptive data categories such as financial data, workforce totals and project history and outlook, as well as the latest contact and website details. An Excel database supplies information about 100 planned projects scheduled for each market segment in the coming months. It reveals the investors and contractors involved, locations and scope of each project as well as the value, size, anticipated completion time and degree of work currently completed at each construction site.

The current competitive landscape of the Bulgarian construction industry is explored at length and in detail by this innovative information source. PMR’s team of expert analysts utilises its extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating business dynamics to create a comprehensive account of current conditions and expected developments. This account also offers news about key companies, events and industry trends, while pointing out new opportunities of potential interest to clients considering marketplace entry.

Construction sector in Bulgaria 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 is designed to be of particular value to contractors, investors and building materials and construction machinery suppliers in this market. It’s an essential read for consultants, government agencies and embassies – any business executive or professional with an interest in the future of Bulgarian construction. Clients using this report also come from the investment and banking arenas, and management and marketing teams use it to prepare in-house reports and analyses for company executives and shareholders. They also consult this publication when estimating product demand and potential corporate revenue and share of the market.

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